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It appears that half the world has a mobile phone that comes with lots of features. By expending great amounts of money on product branding, rivals try to differentiate their products in the eyes of the consumer. As a consequence talking of one’s cellular phone has become virtually an outdated practice. Calling it, for example, my Blackberry – or another cell phone name – is very much the common practice. Anyway, that is the topic of our review, today, the BlackBerry Storm 9530. It is no longer any kind of big deal to have a cell with a camera. But the Storm 9530 does and it boasts of just over three megapixels of resolution. There is a good deal more to the Blackberry Storm 9530, and we will talk about additional features with you.

Storm 9530What’s great is that the Blackberry Storm 9530 cell phone comes with an array of useful features. First up, using Blackberry maps, it has a GPS sytem. With these maps, Blackberry has most likely merely stuck their brand name onto a GPS database purchased with a standard licence.

Another feature is that the media player allows you to listen to not just MP3 files, but also WMA and AAC+ files. The video player provides for watching flicks in MPEG4 format and also WMV. An automatic focus feature comes with the built-in camera, which provides resolution of a little more than 3 megapixels. Videos can be recorded and played back, and the brightness level can be enhanced by making use of the LED flash.

Blackberry Phone Storm 9530The BlackBerry Storm 9530 makes use of a touch screen-based technology. All of the general text messaging features are included, and you can now likewise work on files. The Storm 9530 has integrated Bluetooth technology for wireless connectivity and listening to WiFi music. The world’s first “clickable” screen was integrated to the Storm 9530 cell phone. This was a calculated endeavor to make individuals feel more at ease. It was supposed to mimic certain actions of a regular keyboard. Amongst other features that it supports, the Storm 9530 cell phone gives you the ability to interact with several applications using single and multi-touch.

Storm _9530Users are not limited to only Blackberry proprietary services, but can for instance get GPS ability via Verizon Wireless.

Also, you can capitalize on this service if you are on the road.  The standard internal memory of 1 gig can be increased considerably, up to a maximum of 16 gig. These days a lot of us have several email accounts, and a nice feature is that you are allowed up to ten, whether for business or private use. We are all aware of how much people uses SMS, and there are lots of instant messaging services that can be used. You can get 6 hours of operational use from a full battery.

Blackberry _ Phone Storm 9530There is still a strong demand for the Storm 9530 cellular phone, despite its technology being somewhat out of date.. Improvements in mobile phone technology come at a cost, reflected in the higher price of the current models, and not everyone can bear that kind of expense. It’s also true that most buyers do not actually need all of the up-to-date features. This market merely needs a mobile phone that gets the job done reliably. Because of this, consumers can buy older models that manufacturers believed are worth the effort to restore. You can find more info about available repaired models at popular sites such as Amazon.

BlackBerry Storm 9530 review – part 1

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  1. i bought myself a bb9530 but the store did’nt gave me the cd nor the maunal what do i do trinidad west indies

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