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There are many folks out there that are looking to buy themselves a video camera, but they also don’t want to end up paying a lot of money for one. You will discover that if you really want to, you can wind up dishing out $500 just to own the very best camcorder that you can. Nevertheless, if you look around you will find that there are low-cost units that do not cost nearly that much. And the Kodak PlayTouch Video Camera is one of these types of units that can save you a lot.

One of the superb features of the Kodak PlayTouch video camera is the fact that it is extremely sleek and easy to bring with you anywhere you go. As this camcorder weighs below 2 pounds, you will find that you can record for hours and never have your arm get tired from holding a heavy unit. You will see that the Kodak PlayTouch is a lot lighter than those old types of camcorders that were so popular several years ago that you had to balance on your shoulder. The Kodak PlayTouch camcorder is something that you will be able to operate with just one hand. But even though the Kodak PlayTouch video camera is a tiny gadget, it is not light on features.

Kodak PlayTouch Video CameraYou will be glad to know that this unit comes with the capability to record your videos in high definition. You will discover that this is some of the best quality that you can find even in a more high-priced video camera. The HD setting, along with a 32 GB memory card, will allow you to get as much as 10 hours of HD video. This is terrific as you will not need to remove video before you can upload it to your computer because you would like to record something else.

Kodak PlayTouch Video CameraAnd of course if you want to, you will be able to use the Kodak PlayTouch video camera as a digital camera to take 5 MP photos. This makes the Kodak PlayTouch really versatile since it can be used for both photographs and videos. If you ended up getting one of the 32 GB cards for additional storage, you will see that you can take and store almost 2,000 photos with the one memory card.

Kodak PlayTouch Video CameraSomething else you will learn about the Kodak PlayTouch is that you will have the ability to edit your videos straightaway on the camcorder. This will enable you to scratch out any of the video you would like to delete, and you will also be able to capture photos right from the video so you get the perfect shot every time. The Kodak PlayTouch video camera has a lot more features that we don’t have the time to go over here. Nonetheless, you can find all the features if you go to Amazon and check out the product description and reviews from individuals who have bought this device from Amazon.

Kodak PlayTouch Video CameraAnother thing you will discover is that if you choose to buy the Kodak PlayTouch and if you order it from Amazon, you will get $70 off of the retail price of this camcorder. As a matter of fact, you will end up being able to own the Kodak PlayTouch video camera for a mere $130, and you will also like the fact that Amazon will ship this to you at no cost.

You may find that if you take a look at the Kodak PlayTouch video camera before you buy any video camera, you will have something to compare the other camcorders to.
Kodak Playtouch Full Review

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