Jul 182012

If you want the best value electronic labeler, then you might like the PT2730 by Brother. It is packed with features that might be more than you need. The PT2730 is a breeze to set up and install. To install and setup, you just need to drop in the ink cartridge and the install disk and follow the directions. The PT2730 uses 8 AA batteries or an AC adapter. The PT2730 shouldn’t take over 5 minutes to be fully installed and ready to go.

The Brother PC Connectable Labeling System (PT2730) is chock-full of template guides for asset management, address, cables and albums and many more. The Brother PC Connectable Labeling System (PT2730) has templates that will automatically be brought up from a drop down for your individual needs, like camera memory cards. You can get extremely creative with these labels with features like clipart, pictures and text manipulation. You can print professional looking, non-smearing labels and put your business logo on them. The latest software and templates are updated, and so is the firmware for the unit.

Labeling System PT2730The PT-2730 is a professional level labeler that may be used as a stand-alone or be connected to a Mac or PC. The PT2730 can print up to 7 lines of text, using one of 8 built-in fonts, and it boasts of a large, graphical display. The Brother PC Connectable Labeling System (PT2730) can make labels up to 24mm in width that are laminated and durable in several colors and sizes. With a single push of a button, you can get access to over 50 pre-designed labels from a Label Collection. The labeler has a text reminder feature which easily pulls up words that you regularly use. The Brother PC Connectable Labeling System (PT2730) features a built-in automatic cutter and has a sleek and stylish design. The package comes with a USB cable, an AC adapter, software package and 24mm starter tape. The PT2730 has a two year warranty and a user guide also.

Labeling System PT2730Many people who purchased the PT2730 found it to be really versatile and gives a lot of control on how the labels will print. The PT2730 prints labels fast and the adhesive sticks very well. It is nice to have the option of using the 8 AA batteries, or to use the power adapter that comes in the package. Though the PT2730 is loaded with features, it is not cluttered, making it not hard to use. The only negative thing is that the Brother PC Connectable Labeling System (PT2730) doesn’t have much starter tape to work with. If you do lots of labeling, you will run out of tape very quickly, so be ready to order some more immediately.

Brother is a very good company that has a lot of quality products, and according to virtually all of the reviews, the Brother PT2730 is liked by most people. The PT2730 by Brother is a good product to check out if you are shopping for a labeling system.

Brother PT-2730 | PC-Connectible Labeling System

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