Jul 152012

While you can find desktop computers that are not really too expensive, a lot of the lower cost computers will also be lacking in features. But one thing you should recognize is that you can find computers which have all the attributes you want for under $300. With that being said, if you want a top of the line computer you will notice that you could still end up paying a thousand dollars or more. Nevertheless if you are searching for a good quality computer at a sensible price you will probably find that the eMachine EL1352-43 Desktop, could be just what you are looking for.

EMachines EL1352-43First off I would like to let you know how much you can save with this computer, you can actually get this for about $260 if you buy it from Amazon. One of the excellent things about obtaining this from Amazon is that you are going to be saving $70 just by ordering this from them. If you do buy this package you should realize that if you do not have a monitor, you will need to buy one as this bundle doesn’t have one included

This system offers a lot of features that you won’t even find in more expensive models and we will be discussing them here. Something that you will discover concerning this computer is that the hard drive is actually huge, you will see that there is a 500 GB hard drive inside this computer. And for those of you searching for your first computer you will see that this is a massive hard drive. This hard drive is actually so large that you will not really have to worry that you do not have enough room for storage. In fact if you decided to just save audio files on your hard drive you could save about twenty five thousand mp3 in this computer.

EMachines EL1352-43You will additionally realize that this system comes with 2 GB’s of ram. And if you’re unaware this is just what will make your computer run faster when running applications. Additionally, you’ll be able to record different types of media like DVD’s and also CD’s and you will even be in a position to record on dual layer discs. You will discover 4 USB ports on the front side of the computer and an additional 5 ports on the back of the computer offering you with a total of 9 USB ports. If this is not your first computer you already understand how important it is to have all of these ports.

EMachines EL1352-43The particular operating system which comes with this particular unit is Windows 7. This is the latest version of Windows and based on many individuals, this is the best version that Windows has ever unveiled. And while we could go on forever concerning the features that come with Windows 7, we don’t have the time or even the room to go over them all.

Should you prefer a powerful computer that is additionally something that is very affordable, the eMachines EL1352-43 Desktop Computer could be just what you are looking for. And don’t forget that Amazon will save you cash on this unit and they will furthermore ship this to you and pay the shipping fees for you. For anyone who is on a tight budget but still need or want a computer system you will find that this may be the best choice.

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