Feb 082012

Nikon D3100Sometimes you want a camera that is a little bit more robust than your average point and shoot digital camera. A good SLR camera could be the solution. These are typically digital cameras that are designed to resemble the manual film cameras that expert photographers used for so long. However, it’s not that easy choosing the best SLR digital camera. Because of this, we will look at the Nikon D3100 and its included lens. In the course of writing this article this particular camera is the highest selling SLR camera on Amazon.com.

Nikon  D3100One of the best factors about this particular camera isn’t that it comes with a stabilizing lens or that it is 14.2 mega pixels. A welcome feature is its video capturing capability.

The integrated “full 1080p HD Cinematic Video” aspect delivers automatic focus as well as the ability to record sound. Knowledgeable videographers understand that typically a still camera provides a much clearer visual image compared to the average video camera. Which means that this particular camera is ideal for both videography and still shooting. That is definitely which is a great advantage.

Nikon_ D3100This SLR camera provides the nice option of split second auto focus shooting. For that reason, it’s actually a great camera for photographing sports events or some other scenes with a lot of motion. A great many other digital cameras claim they will provide quality shooting of high activity scenes and after that they don’t come through in the end. This digital camera operates at a high shutter speed helping to make perfect shots simple to do with the correct photography experience. Then again, you can very easily fill up loads of memory cards whenever shooting sports events.

A potential disadvantage to this specific camera tends to be that it only has enough internal memory for its image shooting software programs. What this means is that your memory card is an added purchase and the memory cards you’ll need for this camera (the type with large amounts of memory) are not cheap. Actually, they are often pricey! And don’t forget, this is in addition to the significant price you will shell out for the camera by itself. And so, you might want to think about a different camera if you’d like something less expensive.

Nikon D3100_This camera has been given an exceedingly large volume of positive reviews. Most of the hundreds of reviewers who have submitted reviews have given five star ranks, which indicates that this is an excellent camera. Amateurs and professional photographers alike love this particular camera since it gives professional high quality results. You should be aware that you have got to buy additional equipment such as spare batteries, more memory cards, and special lenses if you wish to make the most of this camera, and this can be a sizeable expense. Although this camera might end up being a major purchase, it should last you for a very long time thus making it a good  investment.

Nikon D3100 – best entry-level DSLR?

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