Mar 292012

If you’ve ever experienced trouble reading your GPS on a bright sunny day, you won’t have that trouble with the Navman MY60T GPS because you can see the screen plainly in direct sunlight. This product is also easier to transfer from one spot to another as the installation of the unit isn’t going to include running the wire through the mount.

Navman MY60T GPSBy simply turning on the menu button, you are brought directly to the main menu, no more trying to find the elements your looking for. This is going to take you to a selection of icons which allow you to perform different functions. Utilize one more physical button to recall your present position. This will be where your latest destination lists are saved.

By simply hitting the map screen you will be able to change any settings or other adjustments you’ll want to change. You’ll find your present route in this particular screen. Zooming in to see exactly where you are will be one of the particular features of this unit, you can also search for detours.

Navman MY60T_ GPSAdvantages

The particular Lane guidance is very useful if you’re new in the area and are unsure about precisely how the traffic flows. This device can also notify you exactly where all the intersections are.An additional added feature will be the automated dimming when it gets dark outside. Because you can’t keep monitoring the screen when your driving there’s a vocal mode that lets you know when you’re coming up to school zones. You are also able to consider another route as required, since this unit will let you know where traffic may be grid locked or even completely stopped. Following the directions is easier with their landmark view. This lets a person visually observe 3D images of landmarks which is very useful.


For individuals who plan on using this unit in Australia, there are lots of areas which have not been mapped. And due to this, you may just see your position with no roads.

You can also turn the unit off when you do not really need it with the off switch. Should you need the unit immediately once you switch it on, this isn’t going to happen as you will need to wait up to a minute for the loading of the system.

Navman MY60TThe unit was created to be really user friendly. Even so, its transitions as well as animated graphics can be considerably slow and you will probably have to mess with it a bit. Finding a different route could also take a little time with this unit. Although some people think this can be a major drawback, once you take a look at everything else this particular unit delivers, it’s not that big of a deal.

When it comes to the roads the unit provides you with, it truly is basically the same as any other GPS unit. It also prefers major roads and the routes aren’t always the very best alternatives.


This unit has most of the features of some of the larger units, nevertheless the fact that it actually is a more compact device makes this one of my personal favorite features. In short this is an excellent device with a good price.


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