Jan 242012

Samsung Galaxy TabIt seems as if almost weekly a brand new type of tablet is hitting the market but how you do know which tablet is going to meet your requirements? On one hand there is the all new iPad 2 and on the other you will have another new tablet known as the Motorola Xoom. Keeping up with all of the latest tablets is rather tricky what with new ones being manufactured all the time. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the newer versions to hit the scene as of late, and it is certainly worth a look. This is a more compact tablet that offers some great capabilities, and the cost actually makes it an inexpensive alternative. On this page we will go over just what this tablet can do.

The actual Galaxy Tab comes with 16GB of internal memory and has a microSD memory slot if you need to add more onto the default 16GB (you can also add an additional 32GB of space). Its powered by Android 2.2, that has a massive app market (Android Market) and yes it supports flash, which a number of other tablets are lacking on right now. The resolution of the display is a fairly impressive 1024×600, which is ideal for this modest 7 inch touch screen. Granted, the particular display is not as large as some of it’s rivals, but I think it is a perfect size because it is a lot easier to take along with you and it can even fit in your pocket. Picture trying to fit an iPad into any of your pockets. Its definitely not possible. When it comes down to the graphics, I am certain you will agree that they’re extremely sharp. It has the ability to take video and take photographs with flash as it has a rear 3MP digital camera together with a 1.3MP front facing camera intended for video chatting. Not only is this equipped with WiFi but it is in addition compatible with wireless bluetooth. You will also never need to worry about getting lost again, because this tablet also comes with GPS, and with it’s very quick 3G connection you can find directions more quickly. Something that truly amazed me is the fact that this little guy can run up to 13 hours on 1 charge. The Galaxy Tab weighs in at just 13.4 ounces and has the dimensions of 7.5 x 4.8 x 0.4 inches.

capabilitiesEveryone can utilize this tablet to browse the web or play games with out ever getting slowed down since this units CPU is run by a 1GHz Hummingbird processor.

The application of the on screen keyboard is fabulous but the Swype technology is what really got my attention.. As opposed to a conventional keyboard where you press every key, the Swype technology allows you to keep your finger on screen and you just swipe your finger to every letter.

Samsung-Galaxy- TabMany customers really like this tablet and they prove it by providing generally great reviews. Having to upgrade the tablet the coming year isn’t going to be a problem, due to the Android OS this device is already ahead of the curve. Should you be looking for your first tablet or maybe if your searching for one which is easier to carry around the Galaxy Tab is certainly worthy of a look.

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