Aug 252012

Do you notice that every person keeps wanting the newest video games, this particularly goes for your kids. The earliest video gaming system I ever had was the Atari 2600 and I still have that system. And just like youngsters today I used to spend 8 hours a day playing it. Nowadays we all are all over our children about turning of the video games and going out so that they can get some physical exercise. And then after all that we typically get them the new game anyway so they will leave us alone. If you’re one of the few folks who have not yet gotten a video game system you really should think about the playstation 2.

The first thing you should know is that the playstation 2 is much less expensive than the playstation 3. For about $100, you will be able to get this from Amazon and they will even ship it to you free of charge. Should you made a decision to order the ps3 through Amazon you will see that you will be spending $300. It’s not to express that there is anything wrong with the playstation 3, the truth is it can even play your DVD’s, however an extra $200 to me does not seem worth it.

Playstation 2A lot of you most likely are under the false impression that there are no new video games for the ps2. The fact is that Sony is still making new games for this player, just not as many as they do for their ps3. Another way you will be able to save cash by getting a ps2 is due to the fact the games for this product can be picked up for under $10, which is a whole lot less than the up to $50 for the ps3 games. I am not sure about you but I would rather get 5 ps2 games than merely one ps3 game.

much less expensiveWhile the games for the ps2 may well be older, this is actually a good thing since you may find that these games are games that your youngsters have already played. This implies that they may basically get bored with playing the game titles and go outside for a little while. However this is not to say that, this is actually going to take place, it very well could. And when you only get them a couple of games for it, they will get bored in time. Obviously with time they are going to want new video game titles for that system, and you will only have to pay $10 to get a new game for them.

PS2controller Of course these are just a couple of reasons to get a ps2, you may be able to think of more reasons. I actually bought a ps3 when they first came out but ended up reselling it in a couple of weeks.

I then went back to my ps2 and have never needed another gaming system since. You can find the playstation 2 in a number of stores but they may cost more than if you order it from amazon. So to be truthful, Amazon will be your best bet if you decide to purchase this.
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