Jan 252012

ARCFR160RNo matter where you live, commonly at least once a year the electricity goes out. Where I live in upstate NY, the power goes out 5 to 10 times every year, and not just in the winter but all through the year.  These power outages are caused by a variety of situations like snow storms, lightning or even awful drivers. And a year ago, there was no electricity for 5 days. With the fear of another blackout, you must be ready with the Eton American Red Cross ARCFR160R.

Eton American Red Cross  ARCFR160RYou won’t have to worry with this deceptively tiny unit during a power failure. First, it has a radio, which every person needs to have in an event of a power outage. In many cases, you will need fresh batteries to operate your radio. What’s great about this device is the radio included can also run on solar energy, or you can charge it with a hand crank. Thus, even if you have no batteries in the house, you will still be able to use radio. Besides access to AM and FM broadcasting stations, the Eton American Red Cross ARCFR160R also comes with the NOAA Weather band, which lets you listen to the latest storm information and emergency instructions.

Eton American Red Cross ARCFR160RNaturally, there is more to this compact gadget. Everyone is aware that when there is a power failure, you are going to need a flashlight and this device has a built-in flashlight that you can charge with the hand crank so you won’t ever need to worry about dead batteries in your flashlight either.

Another thing you should have is a fully charged cellular phone. Now if you are stuck with a cellphone that is beginning to die out, this little unit can help with that also. It has a built-in USB charger that can charge just about any cellular phone or electronic device. You are going to feel at ease knowing that you will always have a means for communicating with others for a long time.

Eton American  Red Cross ARCFR160REven though this unit is great for power outages, it also makes a terrific device to take on camping trips. For many individuals who enjoy camping, having something like the Eton American Red Cross ARCFR160R is great as a battery-free backup all-in-one radio, flashlight and cellphone charger.

The greatest thing about the Eton American Red Cross ARCFR160R is that it just costs $30 if you buy it from Amazon. Other identical gadgets are presently available for $100 to $200. With just a $30 price tag, you just cannot go wrong with the Eton American Red Cross ARCFR160R.

So if you want something that can provide you a lot of help if you are taken off the grid or camping, you cannot go wrong with the Eton American Red Cross ARCFR160R.

Eton American Red Cross Microlink Self-Power Radio – Rotocade Deal with Kim

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