Jan 272012

Boss BV9990As technology continues to advance, we are not only witnessing many new and innovative products being released at rapid pace but also at inexpensive prices. Many years ago when the first in dash DVD players were brought out to the market, they were being sold for upwards to $1,000. Today the prices have become so low-cost that anyone can buy these types of units for their cars. In this article, we are going to take a much closer look at the Boss BV9990 in dash DVD player.

Boss  BV9990This DVD player boasts of an amazing 1440 x 234 7-inch touchscreen. That is the reason to have a closer look at this unit. Moreover, the touch screen can be adjusted vertically to allow you to obtain the best viewing angle.

While it’s obvious that this player can play DVDs, it can handle an assortment of other formats as well. Besides DVDs and traditional audio CDs, you can also play VCDs, SVCDs, and MP4 files. Another impressive feature is that you can play MP3 or WMA files by plugging in a USB flash drive or an SD card so you don’t have to burn CD’s every time you want new tunes.

Boss   BV9990And of course, nowadays almost everyone owns a portable MP3 player. You can basically plug in any type of MP3 player to the front of this in-dash DVD player and play music straight from the player. Also, the Boss BV9990 has a port for an optional rear view camera. This means you can connect the camera and the image will show up on your 7-inch touchscreen.

Boss BV 9990If you become tired of your own personal media, you can flip on the am/fm radio complete with graphic equalizer display. The Boss BV9990 is powered with 85 watts of awesome audio goodness. The BV9990 also has front and rear RCA outputs and an output for a subwoofer, making it easily expandable. And one thing that I find really neat, a full wireless remote control to control the player. Great for those people in the back seat who seem to invariably have control over the radio. You are familiar with the type — the “turn it up”, “turn the volume down” or even the “hey, can you fast forward on that song” sort of individual who is constantly in every car.

In conclusion, this in-dash DVD player is extremely powerful with tons of features. With all that, you can basically find it at a starting price of merely $199, making it a terrific value as well. If you are interested to upgrade your current car player, the Boss BV9990 is a terrific unit that won’t hurt your pocket book.

Boss BV9990 7-Inch In-Dash Motorized Widescreen Touchscreen

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