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Providing a consistent aquatic GPS with added features suited for fishing was a predictable move years ago. If you own a boat and love to cast a line, then you more than likely either have one or know others who do. A GPS with fish-finding and chartplotting features is an enormously beneficial device on suitable bodies of water. You’ll have a more triumphant fishing trip when you bring along one of these units. How can you discover where the fish are hiding if you don’t have a fish finding tool? Therefore in this editorial we will share our assessment of the Humminbird 161 Marine GPS.

Humminbird 161 ComboIt is intended particularly for the avid fisherman who makes use of a boat. With combining a fish finder with a GPS and chart plotter, it meets all your wants.

Yes, this is an all-in-one solution that provides for efficient use of space when you want it most. What you will discover is a 16 channel GPS receiver with a resolution of 4 nautical miles. An optional upgrade provides you added advanced capabilities. It is possible to scan a complete 20 degrees by means of the sonar beam fish finder.

Humminbird 161 Combo_Balancing definition along with highest pattern coverage is the goal of the sonar design. You will discover this unit offers accurate target separation resolution of 2.5 inches to a depth of 600 feet. Added engineering features contain Sonar Echo Enhancement that can follow your jigs in excess of forty feet.

The 4″ LCD screen is simple to read because of the 16 levels of gray scale. The LCD monitor needless to say was planned for enough visibility all through sunny days. The screen even has a backlight alternative to make it easy to see in darker circumstances. Additional display positives incorporate the power to zoom from two to eight times so you can take a closer look. Distinguishing fish from their surroundings is a good deal simpler by means of the zoom. A rapid release mount is included with the Humminbird 161. The mount tilts as well as swivels, making it incredibly handy. Extra flexibility in the mounting design makes it possible for you to either use as an in-dash mount or on a gimbal mount.

Humminbird 161 Combo FISHThe database would be the UniMap of the United States by means of 750 waypoints. You’ll own access to 20 routes as well as 10 tracks, each one with 2,000 points. You will possess a map of US rivers, chosen places in coastal regions along with inland lakes. The casing is fully waterproof, which is a prerequisite of devices utilized by fishermen. Included with the Humminbird  161 is mounting hardware and a full  educational guidebook for  straightforward reference.

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