Feb 192012

Sportline Men's Solo 960When it comes to exercising, you will see that most of the folks who are serious about it have some type of heart rate monitor to help keep pace. The thing is that there are many other things you need to keep track of when you are exercising. Monitoring the calories you’re burning is additionally important and in addition keeping track of the distance you go during exercise. The Sportline Men’s Solo 960 is one of the monitors that can help you to monitor these elements. Due to this, we are going to be examining this product and we are also going to be checking out some of the features this unit offers.

Sportline Men'sThere’s one feature specifically that I would like to speak about which is the pedometer. If you walk, jog or even run you will find that a pedometer will help you to keep an eye on the distance you cover. This is great for people who want to do certain distances daily. There are quite a few people who walk a whole lot because of their jobs and this will help them to keep track of the distance walked. There are many folks who are always on the move and they only want to know how far they walk each day.

beautifulWhen you are exercising to burn fat you will find that figuring out how many calories you burn off throughout your exercise will matter and this watch is capable of doing that. When it comes to reducing your weight, you need to use up more calories than you take in daily and this watch will keep track of the particular calories you burn. One problem is that many individuals really don’t know how to keep track of the calories that they’re burning off. Counting your burned off calories and also keeping track of the distance you walk or run are just a number of the things this watch is capable of doing. Some of you might be one of the many calorie counters, and this product will be able to help you with this.

On top of the other things that this device has you will also learn that it also includes a heart rate monitor. One thing you are going to recognize is that if you wish to burn off more calories, it is key to keep your heart rate elevated. You will additionally want to stay clear of spikes in your heart rate so keeping a steady pace is also essential. This watch will be a great way for you to make sure you are maintaining a steady heart rate when you find yourself exercising.

Sportline Men's  960There are some other features of this monitor that we just don’t have the time or even the room to cover in this posting. Amazon has a product description page that will let you to see all of the features that we did not get to talk about. Another thing you are going to realize is that if you acquire this from Amazon you are in addition going to be receiving a discount off of the market price. Meaning that you can acquire this for only $68. And you’ll not even have to worry about the shipping fees as Amazon is going to end up paying them for you.

Sportline 960 Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

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