Aug 122012

There is continual change in the way we carry out things as technology continues to advance at great speeds. What seems like hundreds of years ago, people would take photographs and turned them into photo slides. Now the growing trend is to take pictures and put them directly onto the computer. Needless to say, there are almost certainly many of us with possibly hundreds of picture slides from long ago just sitting in a box or drawer somewhere and have no idea what to do with them. Luckily, you can find the Wolverine F2D 35mm Film to Digital Image Converter with 2.4-Inch LCD and TV-Out.

Wolverine F2D The device simply converts your 35mm negatives and also your slides into digital pics. With just one push of a button, you can instantaneously transfer your slides and negatives straight into your computer as 5 Mega Pixel JPEG images. The Wolverine F2D is compatible to both a MAC and also a PC, and can transform an image in only 5 seconds.

It is one of a kind in that it can run Fast conversion without a desktop computer or software. It additionally features a 2.4 inch wide LCD color display. By having the LCD screen, you can do transfers or editing with out the computer. All of the following come with each unit, AC Power Adapter, F2D200 scanner, Negatives Cartridge, Slides Cartridge, USB Cable, and Lens Cleaner.

Wolverine F2DAlthough it is not considered the best of the best, many people who possess the Wolverine scanner have given it very high marks. Having said that, the speed of the conversion is what makes this particular scanner better than a few of the more expensive models. It’s recommended that this digital image converter be used for your everyday photographs but get a more expensive one when you need the highest quality. However, if it really is just a few special pictures that requires the special treatment, you can employ a professional service to do it for you. While the unit is a small, simple and swift scanner, it’s basically a solid 5MP digital camera. It includes a very small light table as well as a macro lens. The level of quality of your pictures will be the same as a 5MP image, which is sufficient for most snapshots. If your need is to get all your pictures converted quickly at reasonable quality, you can’t go wrong with it.

Wolverine F2DOne thing that is important to know before you purchase the Wolverine F2D, is that you will want to do some correcting of the images. You may discover yourself needing to do some color adjusting with some of your pictures. In addition, when preparing the transfer, you will need to make sure that the slides and negatives are smudge free. What will work very well for this is a can of pressurized air that is used for cleaning up a keyboard.

To be equipped to scan without using your computer, you will need an SD card. An SD card is something to think about since converting slides and negatives can be very time consuming. If you are looking to send your old photos to your buddies in digital form, the Wolverine F2D scanner is a good investment. Given that you don’t have substantial expectations, you will certainly find the Wolverine F2D of great value.
Wolverine F2D-300

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